When we take on a new member of staff they undergo the “Skills for Care” Care Certificate which complies with the Care Quality Commissions Essential Standards of Quality and Safety. As well as Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Rainbow Medical Services Ltd is committed to providing on-going training and development programmes to ensure staff are skilled and competent to provide care to service users. New staff joining RMS not only needs to learn about their own tasks and roles but also need support in gaining confidence and how to  fit into the our organisation. All new employees regardless of background and experience must undertake RMS induction programme and all mandatory training.

Prior to working alone with Client / service users, a new member of staff receives a minimum of a 12 weeks programme of supervised and unsupervised work, which includes shadowing an experienced staff members working with a Client / service users. We provide between 1 and 2 weeks “shadowing” calls where you will observe more experienced careers in different caring and support situations. They will be able to watch, listen and learn and put into practice some of the skills they have learned already.

To ensure our staff continues to develop in their careworker role, RMS recognise on-going training is extremely valuable to both the care workers in their career development and to Rainbow in maintaining the standards and excellence of care we provide to our clients.

Our induction programme include:

      5 Day in house training programme


      Care Certificate Workbooks

      Rainbows Policies and Procedures

      Role of the Homecare Worker

      Personal Care/Continence Awareness

      Health and Safety Awareness

      Safeguarding Adults Awareness

      Dementia Awareness

      Food Hygiene Awareness

      Infection Control Awareness

      Moving and Handling of People

      Medication Awareness

      Fire Safety Awareness

      First Aid Awareness

      Challenging Behaviour Awareness

      Mental Health Awareness and Deprivation of Liberty

      Hydration and Nutrition

      End of Life Care

The following is a list of the courses provided for all care workers both as part of the induction programme and also as refresher and on-going annual mandatary training:

      Moving and handling of people

      Safeguarding adults

      First aid awareness

      Medication awareness

      Health and safety and fire awareness

      Challenging behaviour

      Dementia awareness

      Mental capacity and deprivation of liberty

      Food hygiene

      Infection control

      Hydration / diet and nutrition

      Personal care and continence

      End of life care