Rapid Response Service

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In response to the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and the subsequent publication “A Call for Action” by NHS England, RMS is providing a further innovation to address the needs of local people during the winter months.  This service is designed to support the public sector in their drive to provide integrated and comprehensive care services during times of high demand for acute unplanned care.

RMS is well placed to deliver a short term rapid response stay at home service specifically designed to manage people with moderate to low health needs in their own homes as a viable alternative to an acute unplanned hospital admission.


  • To provide accessible home support to people identified with acute but short term health needs.
  • To provide short term support for people when their family is unable to offer immediate help for 24hrs only.
  • To provide a rapid assessment of need and production of a patient centred care plan to enable the patient to stay at home.
  •  To review this plan daily with a view to withdrawing the support from 12 hours and upto 5 days from the start of treatment.
  • To provide skilled care staff able to deliver high quality personal care and support individuals to manage their activities of daily living.
  •  To enable adequate hydration and nutrition.
  • To support individuals in administering medication
  • To liaise closely with key professionals involved in providing care.
  • To actively encourage rehabilitation and self-management.

Expected Outcomes

  • A reduction in the number of people needing hospital admission
  • Improved management of people with long term conditions.
  • Improved medicines compliance during periods of ill health
  • Improved assessment of long term needs and supported access to additional support that will enable people to maintain their independence for longer. e.g. winter fuel allowance, mobility aides, alert systems etc
  • A reduction in the number of frail elderly decompensating as a result of a hospital stay.
  • A reduction in unplanned bed days
  • Increased patient satisfaction as they are able to stay at home in familiar settings.